Buying Genuine Fitness Supplements at Lowest Prices Got a Lot Easier

Finding genuine protein supplements has been a real problem for fitness enthusiasts in India. The market is rife with fakes and adulterated replicas of popular products, like Optimum Nutrition (ON) Gold Standard 100% Whey - the world's best selling whey protein.

Both offline & online retail pose a challenge to shoppers looking for genuine supplements at an affordable price. Where offline retail poses a problem of higher product prices (due to the increased costs of maintaining a physical store), online marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. pose issues of various sellers selling the same product at different prices, without a foolproof way of telling apart the genuine ones from the fakes.

That's why we started, to reach consumers directly with 100% genuine products sourced directly from Glanbia Performance Nutrition - the world's leading protein supplement company with brands like Optimum Nutrition (ON), BSN and Isopure in their portfolio.

Our low operational overhead allows us to offer you these genuine products at the extremely competitive prices. We get it - protein supplements are expensive, and you could save some serious money over time by shopping around for the best prices. 

We set out with a goal to make it foolproof to buy fitness supplements at best prices. And we look forward to serving you! 🙏🏽